Is Power Hitting the only acceptable norm in T20?

What’s the first thing that strikes your mind when you hear “T20 cricket”? Humongous Sixes? Super Overs? Franchise tournaments? Lavish auctions? Or maybe the Cheerleaders? People can literally associate various things when they hear about this format. It’s a kind of cricket that was introduced as an entertainment and to expand the game. While traditional … Continue reading Is Power Hitting the only acceptable norm in T20?

Adapting to red ball challenge

Remember the old Australian team? The team that everyone loved to hate and felt jealous about? They had a very threatening test line up. Openers Matthew Hayden and Justin Langer made life difficult for the new bowlers. In came Punter at number 3, who would neutralize the joy of an early wicket through his intimidating … Continue reading Adapting to red ball challenge